Strike Swiftly: The 70th Tank Battalion: From North Africa to Normandy to Germany

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  • Author:  Marvin Jensen
  • Publisher: Presidio Press; First edition (February 18, 1997)
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The 70th Tank Battalion was at the forefront of virtually every major campaign against Hitler’s war machine – eight in all, more than any other U.S. tank battalion in World War II. They were there in the very beginning as the battalion chosen by General Patton to strike the first blow against Nazi-controlled North Africa in 1942. They helped finish off the Wehrmacht in late 1994 during the battle of the Bulge, and ultimately crossed the Rhine to victory. In between, the 70th engaged in some of the bloodiest and most grueling battles of the war including the Tunisian campaign, the invasion of both Sicily and Normandy, the push to the Siegfried Line, and the battle of the Huertgen Forest. Strike Swiftly: The 70th Tank Battalion – From North Africa to Normandy to Germany is the only book available about this uniquely active and historically important World War II tank battalion. The author, Marvin Jensen, a participant of the 70th during many of these campaigns, has written a complete history told almost entirely through primary sources; i.e., through the eyes of the enlisted men in the battalion. Author Jensen has produced a valuable work of military history that not only spans the entire course of the U.S.-led war against the Nazis, but is a wonderfully written, inside view of combat from the American tanker’s perspective.


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