Small Business Savvy: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Business

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How to capitalize on the biggest trend in business! Building a small business can be a major challenge for anyone. In today’s modern workplace, women continue to have a unique set of obstacles to overcome as small business owners: skepticism from friends and family, difficulties obtaining credit and financing, and, generally, more scrutiny than male competitors.

Whether you’re about to build a business from the ground up – or buy an existing one – Small Business Savvy shows you how to succeed. Authors Normal J. Rist and Katina Z. Jones are entrepreneurial pioneers who have successfully launched their own small businesses, as well as worked as consultants to more than 500 women-owned businesses across the country. These two incredible mentors are your guides through the process of creating, launching, and expanding your business. They’ve seen it all, and understand the issues you face every day as a female small business owner.

The authors show you all the ropes of small business ownership, including:
How to thrive in even the worst economic times
When it’s worth taking a risk – and when to sit tight and await the “right” moment
How women can crack any market
Whom to turn to for advice in making pivotal decisions
How to build a business that makes money while you sleep
How to know when it’s time to change your business

Whether you’re opening a small boutique or running your own public relations firm, Small Business Savvy has the facts, figures, and, best of all, the advice you need. Take it from your mentors, Norma and Katina, who’ve already “been there and done that” – if you believe in yourself, you, too, can succeed as a small business owner.


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