Friendship Pack

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The dense forests of northeastern America were once home to the Algonquin tribes whose highly developed culture addressed the need of having congenial relations with their neighbors. The three basic principles of Algonquin society – that consensus is the basis for group action, that sharing is important, and that humans are part of the web of the natural world – have profoundly influenced Western civilization and European settlement of North America. Unfortunately, they are also ideas that we often forget in our modern, frenetic world. The Friendship Pack helps readers to rediscover these fundamental life principles with a beautifully illustrated book about the history and culture of the Algonquins and European settlers in America, and a medicine bag, used in Algonquin communities as a ritual gift to cement ties of friendship. The Friendship Pack is a vibrant instructional manual about how to live a happier and more harmonious life by changing for the better and learning from the wisdom of the ancient ones.


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