Angel Homes: Create a Special Place for an Angel

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Now the angels who watch over you can enjoy a special place to stay in your home. Just create little worlds of heavenly enchantment with your own imaginative collection of ‘Angel Houses.” These charming styles combine the simple skills of birdhouse and dollhouse design with their own unique decorations and lighting that makes it irresistible to peek inside. The Angel Homes patterns come with six basic blueprints: studio, one-story, house, cottage, two-story, and mansion. From one pattern you can create a Rock Loft, the Ark of Angels, Home Sweet Home, and Cherub’s Chambers. From another you can make a Christmas Cottage, Heavenly Haven, Stardust Inn, Sacred Sanctuary, Better Angel Homes and Gardens, a Sweet Retreat, and Hamburger Haven. Just follow the colorfully illustrated techniques, including wiring for lighting. Choose from dozens of angel-welcoming verses and blessings to inscribe on the rooftops or on a banner across the front. Feel free to substitute your own favorites, and, of course, follow your own inspiration. Most of the houses will fit wonderfully on a mantel, table, plant stand, or windowsill. But instructions come for making birdcage-like pedestals that stand on the floor and can be moved anywhere. Wherever you place your Angel House, just be sure to leave the door ajar, and the light on.


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